2015-03-12-5891 2015-03-12-5891 Overcast days in Britain are usually shades of grey and I have printed this with a purple grey and a green grey. The dragonfly is lost and fragile in the… Woman by the Window Woman by the Window Lino cut The Bramble Patch The Bramble Patch Lino cut Two  Butterflies on a Flower Two Butterflies on a Flower I wanted to build up layers and texture in this print by overprinting colours. I have tried to get a "painterly" effect. Dragonfly on Bramble Dragonfly on Bramble Lino cut The Butterfly Meadow The Butterfly Meadow Lino print The Butterfly Bush The Butterfly Bush I made this print last August because the butterflies fluttering around the buddleia bushes in my garden were so lovely. It reminds me of Summer and sitting outside. Dragonfly on Willow Dragonfly on Willow Lino print Butterfly on Dandelions Butterfly on Dandelions Dandelions are all around us and are mostly regarded as unwelcome weeds. They are, though, striking in all their manifestations and I have found myself using their forms many times… Clematis Montana Clematis Montana The Clematis Montana in my garden is very lovely for about one month. Sadly, last year it was all blown away on a windy day after three weeks. It flowers… The Cornfield Weeds The Cornfield Weeds This is based on some of the weeds that you find growing in a cornfield. We don't appreciate weeds enough. Dragonfly on Bramble Dragonfly on Bramble Greetings card (blank inside) Various greetings cards (blank inside) Various greetings cards (blank inside) lino

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